U18G Year End Tourney

Escarpment Soccer League
Host HEADS             BARBOUR FIELDS                                  
Format: 5-team Round Robin
Each game must have a winner; if tied after regulation time, winner is determined through best of 5 KftPM
Goals scored during KftPM count towards GA and/or GF.
Each games is 2*15 mins with 5 mins half-time
Team ranking based on standing in league play. If teams played uneven number of games in regular season, standings will be normalized
to lowest number of games with worst game removed.
Tie Breaker: Head-to-Head; Highest GD, Most GF, Least GA; Standing in League; Toss of Coin
3 cautions in the tournament results in player being dismissed from the next game.
1 dismissal means player will miss next match; Discipline Chair may impose further sanctions. There is no appeal possible.
Date Time Field 1 Field 2 Team Name W L T GF GA GD PTS RANK
AUG 18 10:00 1v2 3v4 1                  
AUG 18 10:50 4v5 1v3 2                  
AUG 18 11:40 2v5   3                  
AUG 18 12:30 1v4 2v3 4                  
AUG 18 13:20   1v5 5                  
AUG 18 14:10 2V4 3v5
AUG 18 15:00 Awards

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