ESL U10 Festival - Milton

The U10 Boys and Girls Festival in 2022 is hosted by the Milton Soccer Academy. All games are at Lions Park Fields 1 and 2 (99 Thompson Rd South, Milton, ON L9T 7Z1).

Each team will play two games, each 2*20 mins long with a 5 mins break. Referees will start the clock at the stated times, regardless of whether teams are ready to play or not. A minimum of 5 players are required to start a match; the opposing team MUST match number of field players.

Please note and adhere to a few instructions:

1. Absolutely NO DOGS allowed (except for service dogs with proper documentation)

2. Spectators must site behind the white touchline; not inside the field

3. Parking by the school is plenty and parking lot has been completed.

4. If you need to bring a canopy for your team, please set up along the fence towards the baseball diamonds and remove immediately after the last game

5. Manage your garbage carefully - bees and wasps will arrive in masses if they smell food and oranges. Bring garbage backs. Use reusable water bottles.

6. All games are scheduled in this website - game sheets are mandatory (no game sheet, no game)

Field and parking information is here 

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