Game Format: 6-team 2 groups with cross-over
Top two advance to Semi-Finals, winners advance to Finals
11v11, teams must have 7 players to start the game.
Each group stage games is 2*20 mins with 5 mins half-time; ties are possible
Semi and Final games are 2*20 mins with 5 mins half-time; if tied, winner is determined by KftPM best of 5
Group A Group B
A1 League 1st B1 League 2nd
A2 League 3rd B2 League 4th
A3 League 5th B3 League 6th
Tie Breaker:
In group stage, tie breaker is: Head-to-Head, Highest Goal Differential, Most Goals for, Least goals against, Standing in League, toss of coin.
Discipline (No Appeals Possible):
2 Cautions in the same game results in an immediate dismissal from the game.
3 cautions in the tournament results in the player being dismissed from the next game.
1 dismissal means player will miss next match; Discipline Chair may impose further sanctions.
Arkell Badenoch
Date Time Game # Game #
24-Aug 9:30 AM 1st v 3rd 2nd v 4th
24-Aug 10:30 AM 1st v 5th 2nd v 6th
24-Aug 11:30 AM 3rd v 5th 4th v 6th
24-Aug 1:30 PM 1st A v 2nd B 1st B v 2nd A
24-Aug 3:00 PM Winner of A SF v Winner of B SF
24-Aug 4:00 PM Awards to be handed out at Arkell Fields
Print game sheets the night before

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