If you need to reschedule a game:

1. Reschedules must be initiated minimum 2 weeks before the game whenever possible.  Please consider school trips and vacations at the beginning of the season when looking at your schedule.

2. Contact your opposing coach-you can find contact information under Contact above.  It is in the menu on the left hand side-there should be a drop down list where you can choose a team and it will show you the team officials for that team.

3.Email sherol@rockwoodfc.com with the details of the reschedule including field/date/time.  If less than 1 week and you do not have a reschedule date, please email sherol@rockwoodfc.com and the date will be changed to Dec 31 until a reschedule date can be chosen.

Note: reschedules do not have to happen on the 'official' game night for your divison

If you have any questions please email sherol@rockwoodfc.com

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