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·       Unlimited substitutions. Players must enter the field of play at half when substituting.

·       Substitutions can be made on your team’s throw in, when the other team substitutes on their throw in, on kick off, goal kick, to replace an injured player….always inform ref if changing keeper and always ask ref for permission to sub in player

Retreat Line U10/12

·       On a goal kick, the opposing team must retreat back past the 1/3 retreat line until the ball has been kicked and then touched by a second player on that team. Please talk to opposing coach and ref prior to game to confirm the retreat line to be used(there has been some confusion between 1/2 and 1/3 retreat line)

Most Commonly Misunderstood Laws of the Game

·       Law 11 OFFSIDE U12-18:  A player can be in offside position all day as long the ref does not consider the player is involved in play or interfering with the goal keeper.  The Assistant Ref may raise the flag to indicate to the ref an offside position, but it is up to the ref to determine if the player is committing an offside offense.

·       Law 12 FOULS & MISCONDUCT:  Attempts to foul are punished as if the foul occurred (eg. Trip, kick, strike the opponent).  A player can be red carded for using insulting, offensive or abusive language or gestures and must leave the field of play.  A coach cannot be sent off, BUT the ref has the authority to stop or abandon the game until the coach has left the field of play – there are disciplinary ramifications to both these cases.

Quirky sub-rules in some Laws

·       Law 16:  Goal Kick – you can score directly from a goal kick but not on your own goal

·       Law 17:  Corner Kick – you can score directly from a corner kick but not on your own goal

·       Law 8:  Start and Restart – you can score directly from a kick off but not on your own goal. At the kick off, the ball used to have to move forward to be in play, now at the kick off the ball can travel in any direction.

·       Law 15:  Throw in – you cannot score directly from a throw in

Code of Conduct : The OSA has a  general Code of Conduct for Coaches  In addition, NPHSL and ESL requires you to:

  Be a credit to the game – do no harm! If you yell at the ref, your players will too.  If you yell negatively at a player, they will stop trying

Uniforms-if opposing teams are wearing the same colour, the home team must wear pinnies of a different colour.  Keepers are to wear colours distinct from their team

Ensure that each player plays 50% of every game. If a team is short players at game time, the opposition can lend players to the other team. Lent players stay with the team for the duration of the game- score stands. Teams must match number of players on the field.  If one team has 10 players for an 11v11 game, the opposition should field 10 players.

Scores will not be entered for U10 and U12 Divisions per Ontario Soccer.

 Do not field players from another team in the same division.

 No smoking,vaping, consuming drugs or drinking alcohol at the pitch or near players.

There will be no shaking of hands between teams and players and match officials. Post game the teams will line up behind their teammates and will walk past the opposition while both teams clap

Some clubs/fields do not allow pets (eg. Dogs) in the proximity of the fields, please make your parents aware and encourage them to leave their pets at home. In Milton pets will not be allowed inside the fence, with the exception of certified service animals.


Spectators-some fields will be double lined for 2 different age groups, spectators are to stay outside the white lines.  Spectators are to sit on the side of the field opposite of the players

Match Officials- please note U12 games only require a centre, though some clubs may include AR's for training purposes.  Clubs will endeavor to assign a full complement of Centre/AR/AR for U13-15 games but please note Match Official registration is down and we ask for patience.

Game Sheets-each team is to print 1 game sheet per game for their team, give to the ref prior to game start. This game sheet must include all players names, jersey number, their EOS number or DOB. It must also include Coach names and EOS numbers. These can be printed from website after coaches have activated their team and added their players.  Hand printed copies of the game sheet are acceptable providing all information is included. The refs keep the game sheets-if you should want a copy it is recommended you take a pic of completed sheets with your cell for your records

NOTE-only team officials listed on the game sheet may be on the bench


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