1RFC U13/15G Purple14121153173637
2HEADS U13/15G14121147133437
3PMSC U13/15G Rd148063729824
4ASC U13/15G Maroon1371533231022
5PMSC U13/15G White144282133-1214
6RFC U13/15G Blue143292143-2211
7CSC U13/15G133191034-2410
8ASC U13/15G Ocean120210535-302

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Name Withheld by LeagueRFC U13/15G Purple26
2Name Withheld by LeagueHEADS U13/15G18
3Name Withheld by LeaguePMSC U13/15G Rd13
4Name Withheld by LeaguePMSC U13/15G White13
5Name Withheld by LeagueASC U13/15G Maroon9
6Name Withheld by LeagueCSC U13/15G8
7Name Withheld by LeagueRFC U13/15G Blue6
8Name Withheld by LeagueASC U13/15G Ocean1

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Name Withheld by LeagueHEADS U13/15G3
2Name Withheld by LeagueRFC U13/15G Purple3
3Name Withheld by LeaguePMSC U13/15G Rd2
4Name Withheld by LeagueCSC U13/15G2
5Name Withheld by LeagueRFC U13/15G Blue1
6Name Withheld by LeagueASC U13/15G Maroon1

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