1Rockwood FC128132718925
4CSC NAVY124352620615

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1Name Withheld by LeagueRockwood FC9
2Name Withheld by LeagueCSC NAVY8
3Name Withheld by LeagueCSC NAVY8
4Name Withheld by LeaguePMSCU18G5
5Name Withheld by LeaguePMSCU18G5
6Name Withheld by LeagueCSC NAVY5
7Name Withheld by LeagueHEADSU18G4
8Name Withheld by LeagueShelburne4
9Name Withheld by LeagueRockwood FC3
10Name Withheld by LeagueCSC NAVY3

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Name Withheld by LeagueHEADSU18G1
2Name Withheld by LeagueCSC NAVY1
3Name Withheld by LeagueHEADSU18G1
4Name Withheld by LeaguePMSCU18G1

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